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The Use of a Joker to Get Five of a Kind Aces in Poker

Characterized by many professional gamblers in casinos as fascinating, attractive, challenging and alluring card game, poker can be tried not just by gambling experts but also by new players because its mechanics are not difficult to learn. Players who want to play poker have a wide selection of the variations of the game that they want to play. There are poker variations that are fast-paced and slow-paced. Hence, it is their playing styles, which matter in choosing the best and most beneficial poker variant.

Knowing the different poker hand rankings is important to ensure players' chances of winning in a particular game. Poker hands are essential to maintain good position in some variation of poker and increase payouts in the other games. The poker hand rankings are not that hard to identify and differentiate with each other, so even new players can determine them in actual games.

It is common knowledge among poker players that the best or the strongest poker hand is the royal flush. However, there are some casinos that include jokers in the deck of cards that are used in the variations of poker that they offer. Hence, if jokers are included in the deck, there will be another poker hand that will be able to beat the royal flush. This poker hand is known as the five of a kind aces.

When a joker is included in the deck, it acts as an ace so the player who will get the joker can have the chance to get or have a five of a kind, which is consisted of five aces or four aces and a spare card. This poker hand is classified as one of the non-standard poker hands but as already mentioned, this poker hand is honored or recognized in gaming facilities that include jokers in their decks.

It will be advantageous for players to know the other non-standard poker hands. Even if it is unusual for poker gamblers to consider these poker hands, players who play poker variations that use wild cards honor these hands. Skeet flush, big bobtail and wrap around straight are some of the non-standard poker hands that players will encounter if they have the chance to play in casinos that have bugs in their poker tables.

As a conclusion, players should not underestimate the value of jokers when they are included in decks of cards that are used in the poker rooms of the game. Jokers can be a wild card that will help players increase their chance of getting the pot because when it is combined with three aces and a spare card, it will beat the royal flush which is considered as the strongest hand in traditional poker.