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The Poker Hand Rankings in Lowball

Known as a relevant and essential element of poker, poker hand rankings are used by professionals and advance players to weigh and estimate their chances in the alluring game. The outcomes of many games are based on the rankings of the poker hands held by players. However, players should not forget that poker has several variations or kinds and poker hand rankings may vary in the game that gamblers play.

Even if there is a standard system that is used by experts to assess poker hand rankings in the game, there is still possibilities that some poker variations follow a different system of ranking the poker hands. To avoid having problems concerning the poker hand rankings that are followed in a particular variation of poker, players are advised to first learn the mechanics in playing that game. By knowing the rules of the game, it will be easier for players to understand the use of poker hand rankings in that variant.

Lowball is a unique variation of poker because players with the weakest hand in the game wins. In some games of lowball poker, flushes and straights are not considered so it is still best that players know the type of lowball poker that they will play to ensure that they are in the right track. According to poker experts, there are several variations of lowball poker so players are advised to explore their differences to have an idea about the poker hands that are used in the games.

Razz and California lowball are variations wherein the lowest poker hand ranking in the game is a hand that consists an ace, two, three, four and five. Meanwhile, in Kansas City lowball and London lowball, players with the hand that is made up of two, three, four, five and six wins because it is weakest hand in the game. Lastly, some casinos that offer triple draw lowball consider the wheel poker hand which is made up of cards that range from ace to five, as the weakest, while there are other casinos that consider two to six as the weakest hand in triple draw lowball.

Having knowledge about the rules that are used in some poker variations gives advantages to players because they will know which poker hand is considered as the strongest in the game. By learning the poker hand rankings that are used in a poker variant, players can easily decide which tactic is best to use to acquire or get the strongest hand in a particular game. Thus, players can increase their chance of winning in some variations of poker because they know which poker hand will give them better opportunities to beat their opponents.