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"Real Poker II: The Play of the Hands": A Book on Poker Hand Rankings

Described as a thrilling, appealing and enjoyable game that is prominent in worldwide and local casinos, poker has lured many great and outstanding casino players and gamblers from different countries. This exciting and interesting game is available or featured in almost all casinos so players will not have difficulty looking for a place to play it. Some renowned gaming facilities also hold poker tournaments, which allow players to highlight their skills and get the chance to win big amount of money.

To succeed in playing poker, players are encouraged to know the different poker hand rankings because they are important to assert their odds in the game. For beginners who are not familiar with the rankings, they can ask professionals about the various hands that are used when playing poker. In addition, beginners can also resort to reading poker books that focus on the poker hand rankings to understand the system well.

There are many poker books that discuss poker hands, thus, players should know which of them would surely help them improve their knowledge on the hand rankings. Players can look at reviews done by outstanding poker authors to know which book provide detailed information about poker hands. Most of these reviews are published in newspapers and journals, while some of them are featured on Web sites that sell poker books.

Roy Cooke and John Bond's poker book entitled "Real Poker II: The Play of the Hands," is a good book that players can use if they want to know the various poker hand rankings. As the title of the book implies, its authors concentrate on the different hands that are used to determine players' winning chances in poker. The book is well written so players will enjoy reading it and the concepts discussed by the authors are easy to understand.

Even if this is one of the best selling poker books, players have nothing to worry because it is not expensive. If players want to purchase the book in lower price, they can also look at Web pages that offer used copies of "Real Poker II: The Play of the Hands." In addition, some publishing companies offer discounts to players who are really interested in buying it.

"Real Poker II: The Play of the Hands," is only one of the many poker books that are written and introduced to players. Those who want to look for other books that contain information on poker hands, they are advised to read reviews of several poker books since they provide summaries of the book. By looking at the reviews, players will be more assured that the information that they need are discussed in the book.