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What Is a Full House?

Known as an enticing, challenging and interesting game that is offered in legalized gaming establishments like casinos, poker succeeded in captivating the hearts of serious and professional gamblers. Most professional gamblers and casino players agree that this luring card game offers them fair chances of increasing their money and stakes. This is one of the many reasons why a great number of gamblers are addicted to playing poker.

To ensure success in actual games of poker, players are encouraged to know the various poker hand rankings because they will help them make the best decisions and moves in the game. Having a background on the various hand rankings will also enable players to apply or employ the best techniques in poker. Even if there are ten different poker hand rankings, players will not have a hard time learning them because they are very easy to know.

A full house is a poker hand that has high ranking. Beginners will not have difficulty identifying a full house because it is a combination of two other poker hands, a pair and a three of a kind. Hence, a full house contains five cards that have three cards that have the same value and two other cards that also have the same rank. An example of this is a hand that includes three fives and two threes.

Other players refer to a full house as a full boat. A full house can beat players with a high card, a pair, two pair, three of a kind, straight and a flush. On the other hand, poker players with four of a kind, straight flush and royal flush can beat a player with a full house.

Gamblers have .14 per cent chance of getting a full house in the game. Since the probability of having this poker hand is low, players should take advantage when they get a chance to have a full house. They should slow play in a game if they have a full house and they must weigh the cards of their opponents to ensure that they have better odds in taking the pot.

In the end, players should always remember that the valuation of poker hands might differ on the kind of poker a particular gambler is playing. Hence, it is safe that players first know the rules followed in a poker variant that they will play to have an idea on the hands that are considered strong and weak in that game.