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Straight Flush: A Rare Hand in Poker

Known as an essential element of poker, poker hands are important in weighing the standings of players in a game. To know the various poker hands means that players are interested in discovering the different ways to improve their winning chances in a game because poker hands will help players determine how to beat their opponents or the dealer. In addition, poker hand rankings can be the basis of players for deciding if they will continue playing or they will retreat or fold at the early rounds of the game.

Poker hands have different rankings and it is necessary that players know which of them will enable them to win. Some of the poker hands are classified as the weak hands while there are categorized as the dominant hands. By knowing which the dominant hands in poker are, players can assess their odds and they can easily think of the effective and appropriate strategies to be applied.

Second to the royal flush, the straight flush is the strongest of all. Based on researches, the percentage of getting this poker hand is very small so once they get it they should continue playing the game. It is best that they slow play, meaning they raise minimal amount of stakes in the early stages of the game and at the final stage bet the maximum to get the pot. By slow playing, they can deceive their opponents that their poker hand is not that strong which may cause their opponents to raise their bets to the fullest.

A straight flush is consisted of five cards that have the same symbol or suit and are arranged in order. An example of a straight flush is a hand that includes a two, three, four, five and six that share the same suit like hearts or spades. Since players only have 0.015 per cent of getting a straight flush in a game, it is necessary that they took advantage of it and maximize the opportunities along with having the poker hand.

As mentioned, only players with royal flush can beat those who have straight flush. In this case, players should be more confident if they have this poker hand in a game. This only shows that they have strong chances of getting the pot. Above all, players must have a background on the poker strategies that are suited with having this poker hand to further enhance their odds in this luring game.